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Ilana Morgan prioritizes the study of dance pedagogy as arts education advocacy and social justice with an emphasis on dance education for incarcerated youth.

Grants & Research


Over the past 3 years, Ilana Morgan has been teaching and researching dance pedagogy at the Juvenile Probation and Post-Adjudication Correctional Facility in Denton, Texas. This research, investigating dancemaking as development of choice-making skills, interpersonal skills, and positive citizenship, is in partnership with the Denton County Juvenile Probation Department and is funded by a TWU $5,000 Arts and Humanities Grant. Currently, this research—a combination of ethnography, teacher self-study, and student and staff interviews—is being compiled and written for submission to journals on dance education and juvenile justice.


llana Morgan is a member of a multi-departmental research team at TWU that has been awarded a $176,000 TEA Grow Your Own (GYO) Grant for the 2020-2021 academic year. This grant provides a stipend for TWU teacher candidates who complete a year-long clinical teaching residency with district partners: Era, Gainesville, and Valley View. Results of this research will be shared through journal articles and conference presentations. This research has the capacity to help understand new and sustainable teacher preparation strategies, insights regarding teacher retention, and ways to support diverse applicants for rural locations.

Chapters & Articles Published


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Arts Education and Citizenship: A Pedagogical Framework.” Journal of Dance Education. Featured Article, vol 18, Fall 2018.


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"Empowerment in This Dance? You Love This Dance?: Instructor and Student Together Online." Pop Culture, Media, and Education, special issue of the Journal of Dance Education, vol. 11, no. 4, 2011, pp. 119-123.



Revising Dance History Pedagogy and Curriculum at the College and High School Level: Including Diverse Histories, Communities, and Voices to Broaden Students Understanding and Awareness.

National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference


Teaching at a Youth Correctional Facility: Compassion, Empathy, and Community through Dancemaking.

NDEO Conference



Dance 2050: Changed Contexts, Media, and Mentoring in Choreography.

NDEO Conference

Miami, Florida

Dance 2050: Artistic Practices and Technology.

NDEO Conference

Miami, Florida

Teaching and Dancemaking with Students Living in a County Detention Center.

The International Conference on Education 

Athens, Greece

Teaching and Dancemaking with Students Living in a County Detention Center.

World Dance Alliance-Americas General Assembly Conference

El Paso, Texas


Teaching and Dancemaking with Students Living in a County Detention Center.

NDEO Conference

La Jolla, California

Dance 2050: Expanding Reach and Service.

NDEO Conference

La Jolla, California

Developing and Publishing a Multimedia World Dance Forms Educational Resource for Students and Teachers at Differing Educational Levels.

World Dance Alliance Conference

Adelaide, Australia


Drill Team and Dance Education in Texas.

NDEO Conference

San Antonio, Texas

Arts Education and Cultural Understanding: A Pedagogical Framework.

International Conference on Education and New Developments

Lisbon, Portugal


Mindfulness and Dance Education: Encouraging Kind Citizenship.

NDEO Conference

Washington D.C


New Aesthetics of Skin: Touch, Closeness, and Connectedness via an Extended Technological Internet Corporeality.

Aesthetics, Ethics, and Biopolitics of the Posthuman Conference

Aarhus, Denmark

Innovations in Dance Education: Moving Our Students in Online Learning.

NDEO Conference

Tempe, Arizona


Social Media, Dance Education, and the Extended Technological Body.

NDEO Conference

Tempe, Arizona


Women's Online Dancing Bodies: Empowerment, Pop Culture, and Online Education.

Pop Culture Association and the American Culture Association's National Conference

Boston, Massachusetts 

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